Thanks for the reply Thomas.
I have downloaded the following package -
VRTSIBM-SANVC_v1.3_SunOS_vm3.5_281321.tar.z. Does this package enough or do
I need to download & install anyother packages ?

I am unable to see the LUN id's using inq command.. is there any way I can
see it.. IBMsdd is also not installed..

On Mon, Dec 1, 2008 at 6:50 PM, Thomas H. Jones II <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>wrote:

> Bharat Yadav wrote:
>> Hello All,
>>  I got struck with steps to follow for using veritas on SANVC.
>> Here is the scenario :
>>  currently we are using EMC Clarion disks and they are managed by veritas
>> 4.0 vxfs and vxvm.
>> OS version -  Solaris 5.9
>> Powerpath is not installed.
> The first thing you will want to do is see if there is an APM or ASL
> available for SVC for your version of VxVM. Look at

> Now we are upgrading at storage level to SVC(SANVC). So what I see is only
>> the LUN id's will be changed and the rest of the disks data and disks remain
>> the same.
>>  So I am not sure of the exact process of how to proceed further with this
>> change in LUN id's or any extra packages required as dependecies for using
>> the SVC(SANVC) .
> The extra packages will be the SVC APMs/ASLs. Once these are installed, the
> VxVM should see that the LUNs already have the requisite Volume Manager
> configuration information on them and import them.
>>  Can someone help me in suggesting me run through the steps to be followed
>> for this activity without loosing the data and the setup, because its a
>> production box.
> * Locate and install any available SVC APMs/ASLs
> * Reboot the host
> * Assuming all goes well, VxVM should import the target LUNs and change the
>  entries from EMC_CLARiiON to whatever the DEVICE naming scheme for SVC
> LUNs is.

But if the device naming scheme is changed then will the volumes, disk
groups and plex's understand which LUNid's disk needs to be placed for which
volumes accurately etc.. ?
How can I identify those parts ?

> * Were you using default disk naming, you might want to edit the VxVM
> objects to reflect the
>  change in the LUN DEVICE names. It looks like you won't need this step.
>  The old and new LUN id match will be provided by the storage team. Only
>> thing wanted to know is what all steps needs to be done to make the proper
>> lun id's assigned to the appropriate groups,volumes and plex's etc..
>>  Request you to suggest me in brief.. and your help is appreciated.
> -tom
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