As others have pointed out, we don't really know which hardware and software
resources you've got at disposal.

- Most generic solution would be to use plexes to migrate the data.
- You'll need to mess around with zoning and masking on the SAN side
regardless of what option you take
- BCVs are going to be your friend if you're short on execution time, but
plentyful on planning time (and if you're just copying data within the same
- Maybe SRDF is an option here too if you're moving from one array to
- Joining and Splitting DGs would be my preference via either plex copies or
snapshots, but VxVM version might not allow you to do this natively (and
from what I recall you gotta  have licenses for certain types of snaps?).
- You could perhaps also do a ufsdump/vxdump or restore from your backups
infrastructure (this probably won't work for the raw vols, but depends how
it's backed up exactly).

All in all you'll need to look at the details and timeframes carefully
before deciding.

On Tue, Feb 10, 2009 at 12:14 PM, T <> wrote:

> Hi all.
> Sorry about the vague subject.
> Here is the situation and I am really looking for any ideas or comments on
> the following:
> I have inherited 20TBs of data split between 2 Servers (
> Solaris/Sunfire/Sol8)
> <ServerA and ServerB>
> Each Server has 2 diskgroups.
> Oracle and Sybase Filesystems and Raw Volumes. ( Mixed between diskgroups )
> ** My main issue ( or so I think ) is going to be moving the Raw Volumes **
> ==========
> I need to move ~5TBs from <ServerA> to another server.<ServerC>  than move
> ~2TBs from <Server B to Server C>
> 1)  Get equal amount of EMC storage mapped to ServerC
>      Veritas mirror all the volumes from ServerA to ServerC
>      Break Mirror and "fix" any issues on ServerA.
> 2)   Would "FlashSnap" or any other "tool" allow me to copy/move volumes
> from 1      diskgroup   to another diskgroup.
> This would be the ideal situation, yes?
> Any ideas would be welcome and very much appreciated!
> Thank you.
> MWarnock
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