Hello, I'm running Solaris 9 (sparc), with VXVM 5.0mp3 connected to a Netapp
FAS3050 cluster for SAN storage. I'm trying to utilize the vxresize feature
which we recently acquired licenses for, (Storage Foundation) in order to
grow our vxfs filesystems and volumes in place. In our setup we we use one
lun per volume and one volume per diskgroup. I've found that I can
successfully resize the volume on the enlarged lun by using this proceedure:

* resize lun on the san
* vxdisk -f -g volume_group_name resize diskname (have to use the -f, force,
because it is the last and only disk in the diskgroup.
* vxassist -g volume_group maxgrow volume_name  (find the amount I can grow)
* vxresize -g volume_group -F vxfs volume_name 10000 (grow to that amount)

This process works fine when the volume is inactive, but doesn't work when
the volume live and is in use. The step that fails is the vxdisk resize
step. I get this error:

VxVM vxdisk ERROR V-5-1-8643 Device fas30500_52: resize failed:
> Configuration daemon error 441

and gets lots of read/write errors in the system logs.

To try to get around this I created a second small (2g) temp disk and added
it to the diskgroup to see if it would allow the resize to happen without
the 'force' option and allow the resize to successfully occur.

It didn't work, I'm now getting this error:

 vxdisk -g ums2a-na1u-csfit2 resize fas30500_52

VxVM vxdisk ERROR V-5-1-8643 Device fas30500_52: resize failed: Subdisk is
> unusable

Here are the steps I took to add the temp disk to the diskgroup:

# Add a disk to a diskgroup and make it a spare called "vxresize_temp"
> vxdg -g ums2a-na1u-csfit2 adddisk vxresize_temp=fas30500_61
> vxedit -g ums2a-na1u-csfit2 set spare=on vxresize_temp

Has anyone seen this issue and know how to work around this?

Thanks for any help.

Romeo Theriault
System Administrator
Information Technology Services
Veritas-vx maillist  -  Veritas-vx@mailman.eng.auburn.edu

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