Thank  you, John!

I think that there should be more information about cross-platform 
replication with samples ...
I will try it myself to make sure it does work  as it is stated in docs.

Regards, Pavel Tsvetkov

John Cronin <> написано 08.12.2009 14:59:04:

> Looking at the "VVR 5.0 MP3 Administrators Manual" for Solaris, in 
> the section titled "Features of VVR" on page 20, one bullet point 
> says "Support cross-platform replication ... the Primary and 
> Secondary can have different operating systems" and another says 
> "Supports replication in a Portable Data Container environment".
> From that, it sounds like the answer to your question is yes, but 
> you will want to take a good look at the "Veritas Storage Foundation
> Cross Platform Data Sharing Administrator's Guide".  In particular, 
> there may be some file system conversion required before the data 
> can be mounted on the secondary if the two are not using the same OS.

> On Tue, Dec 8, 2009 at 2:01 AM, Pavel A Tsvetkov <> 
> Hello all! 
> Just a small question: is it possible to replicate data between 
> different OS ?  For sample: Primary is on AIX (Solaris, HPUX) 
>  Secondary is on Linux. 
> What about VVR version 5.1 ? 
> Thanks ! Kind regards Pavel Tsvetkov
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