Thanks Sebastien & Marcos,it does work.


Marcos Tarquinio on 2010/2/27 2:58 wrote:
you to use a relayout , so add the disks to your DG , and do a relayout , now you will have a new DG with more volumes in stripe , (8 volumes , in case if you added 3 more luns) , now you can resize your logical volumes in striped mode.

On Fri, Feb 26, 2010 at 5:44 AM, Sebastien DAUBIGNE < <>> wrote:

    As in previous versions, if the volume is striped, you should
    firstly relayout the volume to add one column to your stripe.

    vxassist relayout <vol> ncol=... <you_new_lun>

    Then grow the volume :

    vxassist growby <vol> ...

    Then grow the filesystem :


    Le 26/02/2010 08:11, Simon a écrit :
    Hi Experts,

    A question regarding to resize the UFS filesystem through vxvm
    here's the situation:

    There are three vxvm *striped *volumes created within same
    diskgroup which
    accross on 5 individual LUNs,and one of volume capacity is used
    up and need
    expand,can we do that as:

    - add one or more(less then 5) physical LUN with same size as
    above LUNs to OS
    - join new assigned LUNs into above vxvm diskgroup
    - resize the volume to be expanded online by "vxresize" command
    - growup ufs filesystem online

    In earlier vxvm such as 3.x,above attempt may fail as the target
    volume is
    accrossing on 5 physical LUNs and must add new disks by the same
    (means at least 5 new LUNs need adding) if resize the volume online.

    I wonder if the latest vxvm 5.x can support it ?


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