On Nov 18, 7:41 pm, Sam H <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Yes, thank you - that's exactly what I was looking for.  But even the
> command line is confusing. ;)  I can merge a previous revision..but..
> I can never commit it.  And if I change the file, I can't commit
> because it's out of date.  It ALWAYS wants to merge what I've changed
> with the latest revisions that I DON'T want at all.

You have to do it as a two-step process: first, do a reverse merge of
the revision(s) you want to pull out of head, then modify your file
and commit. For example, say that I've got a file /my_project/
code.java which is currently at revision 100. I realize that a new
refactoring allows me to pull out a bunch of changes and the last
"correct version" to start from for the new change is back in revision

To get the working copy back to the correct version, I do this:

$ svn merge -r HEAD:70 svn://my_repos/my_project/code.java

This "resets" my working copy by reverse-merging all of the changes
between HEAD and the new target revision. I can now make the new
changes to code.java and commit it as normal. Unfortunately, Versions
doesn't support merge yet, so you have to drop back to the command
line for this operation. Frankly, I haven't seen any GUI clients that
do this well (yet ;-)

Revert to revision (really just an update of part of a working copy to
an out-of-date revision) is really only intended to allow you to do
things like test old cold. The working files with the older revision
cannot be committed because SVN is designed to guard against this sort
of thing: imagine the chaos if someone forget to update their working
folder and managed to commit a slew of old files?

I've seen this bite newer SVN users time and again (and I've been
there myself). It seems like revert to revision should do the trick
but no.

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