Hey Jeff,

Thanks for reporting. Searching in the timeline is a much requested
feature that's on our list for a future version.

Kindest regards,

Koen Bok - madebysofa.com

On Nov 19, 3:00 pm, Jeff <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi Sofa,
> The feedback form on versionsapp.com is broken, one gets an error when
> submitting. I wanted to send a feature request:
> I'd like the ability to search in the timeline. Often when I'm
> composing a commit message I want to make sure I use consistent
> language with what's gone before, so I do a search or two (in WebSVN
> at present) to see what I previously wrote. Being able to do this in
> Versions would mean a slicker workflow!
> Thanks & regards,
> Jeff
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