Just for the record, I second this.
Koen's first reply offered a perfectly acceptable answer, and there is  
very little else Dirk could have said in his second reply. But people  
hear what they want to hear, especially if they were looking for a  
reason to justify not buying Versions to begin with.

On top of which Versions at its regular price is still cheaper than  
Cornerstone with 20% off! If you rather spend more on another product  
because you couldn't get the one you wanted for even less than it's on  
offer for, you need to get your priorities straight.

On 30 Nov 2008, at 05:53, drukepple wrote:

> For the record, I found Sofa's response congenial and not attitudey,
> more of a "we understand that you're upset and want to choose another
> product; there's apparently not much we can do to change your mind, so
> no hard feelings, OK?"  I'd prefer that to a sniveling manservant-type
> of "Oh, please, don't leave us, what can we do for you and you alone,
> master?"
> Jason, I'm curious where you work.  In one post you sound like the IT
> director for an academic institution, and in another you sound like a
> regular programmer at a regular shop, reporting to a boss.  Just
> trying to understand why you're panties in such a bunch over the
> educational pricing thing.
> >

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