though I am currently not facing the particular problem of the thread,  
I' second this request for enhanced, enlarged and GRAPHICAL (e.g.  
stupid user/me-non-geek-person) help/more than basic introduction into  
svn and the use of Versions to manage svn with it.

This is sth, I'f brought up with the Versions-team in the recent past  
in connection with the sheet/panel to compare different versions of  
files… It seems the suddenly so speedy release of Versions 1.0 and  
necessary bugfixes have overcome this.

Still: improve help/instructions would help sales with people like me  
(see above). The competition IS easier to use with respect to that  
particular task.



Am 06.12.2008 um 05:19 schrieb ymo:

> While Versions Help is a concise and great introduction to svn, I
> found myself struggling at start (last week) to understand this simple
> step Lee asked for.
> Most "hardcore" Subversion users would probably work from Terminal; so
> I think it is crucial to fine tune the Help menu and present a "for
> dummies" tutorial in Versions.
> My initial struggle made me use Ray's procedure without knowing a
> better way – but it works fine now!
> >

Rolf Schmolling


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