Sadly that won't work when you're trying to keep working on the same  
working copy during a commit..

Making commits non-blocking could be a pretty tough nut to crack, both  
from a UI and a 'making sure nothing breaks' perspective.  A couple of  
our repositories also have pretty lengthy post-commit hooks, so I see  
how this can get annoying.

It's very hard (and rarely smart) to make promises about future  
functionality, so I won't about this particular topic :) -- but I  
think we should look into the possibility at some point.

- Dirk
the Versions team

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On Dec 11, 2008, at 10:43 PM, Koen Bok <> wrote:

> Hey Davey,
> You can just open multiple windows to work on other repositories while
> committing one.
> Kindest regards,
> Koen Bok -
> On Dec 11, 9:47 pm, Davey Shafik <> wrote:
>> I love Versions, but my biggest gripe, and the one that wastes the
>> most of my time, is when I want to make several quick commits in
>> succession.
>> We have a rather lengthy post-commit hook, which means that our
>> commits take maybe a minute to complete, with Versions, I cannot use
>> the client during this time,
>> I understand that with the locking and such, sometimes it might not  
>> be
>> possible to make simultaneous commits (though I never had this issue
>> on the CLI), but at least
>> being able to use the other features of Versions would be nice (such
>> as quickview, or show changes, etc)
>> - Davey
> >

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