When properties have been modified locally, Versions shows a pencil in the appropriate column, but it's hard to tell what exactly has changed. Currently, to see that information, I have to use `svn diff` in the Terminal for a particular file/directory. Versions actually enables "Show Local Changes" when properties are modified, but opens FileMerge (or whatever diff tool), which shows 0 differences. I considered whether it would work to have Show Local Changes display a different view for modified properties, but this could be confusing when both a file and its properties have been modified.

One way to improve this (at least for svn:* properties on files) would be to have the Inspector display a pencil next the checkbox/menu of any property that has been changed. (Of course, things like ordering of svn:keywords could put a wrench in this...) Displaying changes to svn:ignore and svn:externals on directories is more difficult, and would probably require some new UI, perhaps a button next to Edit to view changes, which appears only if the props have been modified?

I don't have a clear-cut solution, but I would love to see an improved experience for dealing with modified properties. (So many tools suck at dealing with properties to begin with, and especially editing them, that Versions is already an improvement, but it could certainly be even better.)

 - Quinn

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