I am in the same boat, I filled out this page: 
under the category of "Sales Question", probably a weekago. I bought
versions with my keega...@mac.com account, which I no longer use. I
would like to switch my account to keega...@gmail.com.

On Apr 22, 9:23 am, Dirk Stoop <d...@madebysofa.com> wrote:
> Hi JungleCat,
> Strangely enough I can't find any emails sent to support from you.
> Please send me an email off-list including information about what
> email address you used to buy your license and I'll update your
> information and get you your license key right away.
> I'm sorry for the hassle.
> All the best,
> - Dirk Stoop
> the Versions team
> On Apr 22, 6:06 pm, JungleCat <jungle...@orchidseed.org> wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I lost my license, MBP GPU died. I recovered license file but it's  
> > machine dependent and my recovery email is no longer existent. I have  
> > sent like 9 form submissions, 5 emails and got 2 back responses in  
> > which I never heard from again. I paid, I have my license file, I have  
> > 2 days left till it deactivates and this is has been a PITA.
> > help?
> > jc
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