So, I have a file that I accidentally deleted locally from my drive
under source control. The file still exists in the Repository. So, I
redownloaded the file. BUT, in my Browse view of my 'src' I see the
file name but with a "deleted" red circle w/ line through it to the
left of the files name. Yet, I have a copy on my drive now. So, why
does that deleted icon persist and can I get rid of it? I have tried
to right click on the file in my 'Src' and "Update" - and I do have
the most current version off the Repository... but that darn file
still lists as 'Deleted' in my Browse view and it is driving me nuts.
Please, how can I remove it from that Browse view as I have the file,
it is up to date, so I do not need that icon and file listed as

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