I am trying to understand how can I use filemerge to resolve conflicts
but with very little documentation I have had no luck.  If user A and
user B gets code from Subversion and user a commits the change and
then user B commits the change we run into  out of date issue.
Sometime when I update this file, Versions is smart enough to merge
the changes and all I have to do is commit.

But when Subversion is not smart enough, it brings down a few files
with extension .mine, .versionx and .versiony.  I am coming from
Perforce where at this point of time I would be given option to see my
file, the repository file an then I can pick and choose.

When I try to use options choose left, or choose right and try to save
it asks me to save as a different file name.  Can someone please
explain how are we supposed to do a 3-way  merge?

We are making decision soon if we should be using this client for our


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