Hi all,

It took us a bit longer than expected, but Versions 1.0.6 is out now.
Thank you all for your patience, especially Gary, Jeremy and everyone
else who was affected by the high CPU-usage problem introduced in

Tracking down this issue was complicated and took more engineering
hours than we'd hoped.  Consequentially, the release notes of 1.0.6
don't have a lot of bullet points on them., but we didn't want to wait
any longer to get a release out that takes care of this critical bug.

For those interested in more details: The root cause of this issue is
still hiding somewhere deep down in the bowels of lib-apr or closely
related code.  We have been working with some very helpful Subversion
contributors to find out more.  This same issue is also the cause of
those false crash reports that some of you have seen popping up every
now and then, when Versions is still happily spinning along.  Versions
1.0.6 does not 'fix' it, but works around it.  We've made some
progress in finding an actual solution – instead of a workaround – but
getting there is going to take us a bit more research still.

The release notes can, as usual, be found in your Sparkle feeds and
over here: http://versionsapp.com/releasenotes

- Dirk

the Versions team
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