> I'm not to bothered about it but agree it could be
> better.

Well, this is one of the most annoying bugs in Versions if you ask me.  
Because it not expands the dir structure to the external definitions  
as well. If you have about 50 externals set-up per project it's really  
annoying to have to quit versions and open it again just because  
that's the quickest way to close 50 opened folders...

Please do some research on this issue!!

Kind regards,


> Regards,
> --
> Jasper
> the versions team
> On Oct 8, 7:13 am, TheDO <webmas...@thedigitalorchard.ca> wrote:
>> When switching to "Changed" mode, it auto-expands as deep as it needs
>> to in order to show all of the changed files. When switching back to
>> "All" mode, these same folders are shown as expanded. As Jasper
>> alludes to, it'll only auto-expand the root folder when switching
>> between repositories after collapsing the root folder.
>> (To the Versions team, I recommend that this behaviour be disabled...
>> honour the user's last change)
>> One tip you might find useful is option-clicking the disclosure
>> triangle. Click once and it collapses all folders. Click again and it
>> expands all folders.
>> TheDO
>> On Oct 2, 9:27 am, bstewart <b...@eiffelcrown.com> wrote:
>>> Is there a way to prevent versions from auto expanding all the
>>> directories in my entire project every time i go from changed to all
>>> in the browser?
> >

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