Im no expert by any means but was in the same boat a few weeks ago,
where I was completely green and had to shift a bunch on existing
sites/code into versions.
This is what I did:

Created a group to contain a particular set of sites.
Created a local repository for each site.
Create the three folders (trunk, branch, tag) as mentioned in the
Committed the current existing site to the trunk. (I also [option +
drag] into the branches folder)
So now I had the code in subversion in the trunk folder and had a copy
in the branches.
I then deleted the code that I committed from outside of versions.
I then checked the lot out as a working copy.
I use DW (as a glorified text editor) for development so I pointed my
root to the new working copy folder.

Bear in mind I'm a single developer so if you're part of a large team
things might be different for you...
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