Since PPC support for Versions ended with 1.0.9 there have been 6 new
releases, each adding a variety of important updates that would not
seem to be items limited by OS architecture (eg. Subversion
compatibility, renaming items with ENTER, Blame on move/copy support,
etc., etc.)

I do recall you guys saying that PPC would only be updated if there
was a "critical" issue, but is there any chance you are going to be
providing some of these basic improvements that do not have platform

I'll admit that I'm frustrated at the over abundance of OS X
developers that have dropped PPC support when my G5 PPC shows
absolutely no sign of needing replacement for at least a couple more
years.  Especially when you consider that the other operating systems
I use have a software shelf-life *significantly* longer than the
measly 4 years I've been using Versions.



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