Unfortunately, I can't export from the previous SVN (gotta love start
ups!). I have a copy of the files from it, but when I tried to export
from the new SVN, it was a blank directory (since I haven't checked
anything in yet). Any ideas other ideas on how to clear the history?
Thanks for the initial responses, btw!

On Apr 28, 11:12 pm, Matt Foster <foste...@gmail.com> wrote:
> So I'm a huge fan of Versions, but just ran into an issue I haven't
> hit before. I contract for a company that previously had an SVN setup
> on another domain. Recently we have moved it to our own servers, so I
> am in charge adding the files to our new SVN. I copied my existing
> directory of files and pasted them into the directory holding my new
> Versions bookmark, but the files all still maintain the old history,
> meaning I can't add them to the new SVN. Is there anyway to clear this
> history, so Versions recognizes these files as "Unversioned", versus
> storing the history (as of right now, after copying them, they still
> show the old history including the last person that edited them).
> Thanks in advance!

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