Odette Clargo wrote:
> I was just wondering whether anybody will be tree-ing out copies of the
> Radio1 broadcast of the Wigan Gigan?

Well, I guess it's time I cranked up the old Verve tree once again...
A few things:

1]  I need a premium copy of the show with which to dub the branches'
tapes (or if the tapeholder would like to serve as the trunk, that's
fine with me).

2] It is much more cost-efficient to tree two tapes together, so if
anyone has an excellent Verve show to tree with the Haigh show, that
would be bueno.

3]  If you would like to subscribe to this tree, send a message to
-with the command-
subscribe wigan
responses to this won't be answered for a while.

4]  I'm only going to serve North American addresses on this tree. 
Sorry mates, but it is such a pain in the arse to tree to foreigners...
hopefully someone in the UK will be able to handle the natives.

5]  Any past branches who would be interested in branching again, please
reply directly to this message letting me know you are willing.

I'm pissed, so it's good-night, good-bye.
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