Hello all,

I disagree with Luis about the length of the loops and the holding time.
The 4th loop was 38.5 km and the hold times were 30 min for the two
first loops and 40 min for the two last. I think that it was enough for
the horses' rest. During all the day it was raining or between rain
falls it was windy and fresh. A lot of horses were uncomfortable under
the resting area tents, due to the wind, the moisture, the noise and the
lack of space. It was better to walk them a little bit outside. Maybe
the 3rd (24.2km) and the 4th loop could have been inverted. There are a
lot of 160 km rides where there are no accidents. In my mind, for what
I've seen into the vet-gate area, the vet commission has apparently done
his job and the procedure of examination was exactly as we are
customized to proceed during endurance rides. 
The problem is with the FEI qualification rules and the horse renting
system. In my mind, the qualification rules must be more severe and the
renting of horses must be prohibited, above all the "last-time" renting.

Don't forget that the vets see the horses 7-8 times for only 5-6 minutes
each. If the grooming prior the examination is correct, a tired horse
could be acceptable into the vet-gate but what happen with the rider on
the track? There is no need of 30 km to a crazy or inexperienced rider
to kill a horse. 


Jean-Marc Lamolle

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