Hello All,

I have a few questions regarding the use of Veusz and some feature requests.

1) Is it possible to put date or time entries on axes formatted as
11:13:17, 17:13, or 05:13 am
Currently, I have converted these time stamps in my original data file using
Excel to minutes then exported to .csv and imported into Veusz.  It works
ok.  But I would prefer to have a second x axis with time formats along with
a linked axis of 0 - XX min.  This is important for me because in my case
the times refer to certain control events where time-of-day is important.

2) Would it be possible to add arbitrary lines with the mouse to an existing
curve (for example a tangent at some point) and report the slope and
y-intercept of the lines wrt to a x and y axes. This functionality would
allow basic analysis of the trends in the data.  Similarly, the intersection
of the added lines or the added line and an existing curve would be very
valuable in certain data analysis scenarios.

3) Finally, are there any plans to display the data in real-time either from
an updating file or network socket.  I understand this may be a bit
divergent from the goal of creating pub ready plots.  However, that goal is
already achieved and Veusz has the cleanest handling of curves, axes, and I
believe it has the potential of having many converts with these additions.

I am a hobby programmer as well.  With a bit help I can work on some of
these features.  I cannot say that I am knowledgeable enough in Python,
PyQT, etc.  Please let me know what you guys think about these suggestions
and questions.

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