I'm thinking of releasing 1.6.1 shortly to correct some bugs to do with
 - copy and paste of widgets with unicode names, which doesn't work
 - saving/loading datasets with dataset names containing comment characters
 - creating 2D datasets based on datasets with unicode names

I hope to also include the embedding interface in the binary distributions.

One other feature I could include is dragging and dropping widgets within 
the widget tree (drag and drop to move, hold down control to copy). This 
seems to be stable.

Does anyone have an opinion about whether it is too soon to release another 
release. Is little and often better than bigger releases less often?

Is a purely bug fix release better than a release also adding new features?

Should I jump to 1.7 or use 1.6.1 to indicate smaller changes?

Anyway, I'll make a test binary release for those who are interested in 
testing it.


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