On Thu, May 19, 2011 21:22, Ian Riley wrote:
> [2] Legends should have symbol only, line only, and symbol+line options.
>   If a figure uses only symbols to distinguish datasets then only
> symbols should appear in legend, and vice versa.  A mixture of line
> types and symbols should only be used if they indicate separate
> categories of data, e.g. solid line = treated, dashed line = untreated,
> symbol 1 = species 1, symbol 2 = species 2 etc. So what might be helpful
> is to not only have a way to control whether symbol, line or both are
> given in a legend, but also to have two legend types - one for symbol
> types and one for line types.  Of course, a way around this for me would
> be not to include a legend in the figure itself but rather include this
> information in the figure caption. So it is really not that much of a
> limitation.

If this is an urgent concern, note that you can add "dummy" plot widgets
that exist only to provide symbols for the key, rather than put the key
labels on your actual widgets. I've done this to insert blank slots in a
multi-column key so that the key fits better around my data. It's hardly a
fix, but it might be a viable work-around.

-- BKS

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