I have recently started using Veusz 1.11 (it is great! i really like the
interface) on my Mac, but I had a question regarding the plotting of images from
2D databases when the x-axis numbers decrease from right to left (such as often
done with with Right Ascension).    I am able to import 2D datasets of position
(RA/Dec) and plot contours with no problem, but when I try to plot the `image'
(under the same graph tab), it is reversed about the starting RA value, as if a
mirror image. 

  For example, if I have a 2D dataset that goes from 5.0 degrees to 10. degrees
in RA, the contours plot properly on the left panel, but the image plot would be
placed in the right panel:
    |       |       
    |       |       
    |       |       
    |       |       
    |       |       
    10      5         
   Now I apologize if I have done something really strange, but really I am
doing mo more than importing a 2D dataset, and have the traditional `x'  (with
Min=10 and Max = 5) and `y' axes definition, the contour, and the image.  When I
reverse the x level to (say) 5 degrees increasing to the right to 10 degrees,
both the contour plots and images line up beautifully.

  Best Regards
  Pat Durrell

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