I'm pleased to announce the latest release (see below):

Veusz 1.12
Velvet Ember Under Sky Zenith

Copyright (C) 2003-2011 Jeremy Sanders <jer...@jeremysanders.net>
and contributors.

Licenced under the GPL (version 2 or greater).

Veusz is a Qt4 based scientific plotting package. It is written in
Python, using PyQt4 for display and user-interfaces, and numpy for
handling the numeric data. Veusz is designed to produce
publication-ready Postscript/PDF/SVG output. The user interface aims
to be simple, consistent and powerful.

Veusz provides a GUI, command line, embedding and scripting interface
(based on Python) to its plotting facilities. It also allows for
manipulation and editing of datasets. Data can be captured from
external sources such as internet sockets or other programs.

Changes in 1.12:
 * Multiple widgets can now be selected for editing properties
 * Add Edit->Select menu and context menu for above
 * Added context menu on dataset browser for filenames to reload,
   delete or unlink all associated datasets
 * New tree-like dataset browsing widget is shown in data edit dialog
 * Importing 1D fits images is now supported
 * Date / time data has its own dataset type
 * The data edit dialog box can create or edit date/time data in
   human-readable form

Minor improvements:
 * Add LaTeX commands \cdot, \nabla, \overline plus some arrows
 * Inform user in exception dialog if a new version is available
 * Add linevertbar and linehorzbar error bar styles

Bug fixes:
 * Fix crash on filling filled error regions if no error bars
 * Remove grouping separator to numbers in locale as it creates
   ambiguous lists of numbers
 * Undo works properly for boolean and integer settings
 * Prevent widgets getting the same names when dragging and dropping
 * Hidden plot widgets are ignored when calculating axis ranges
 * Combo boxes are now case sensitive when displaying matches with
   previous text
 * Fix errors if plotting DatasetRange or Dataset1DPlugin datasets
   against data with nan values
 * Fix division by zero in dataset preview
 * Do not leave settings pointing to deleted widgets after an undo
 * Fix errors when using super/subscripts of super/subscripts
 * Fix crash when giving positions of bar plot and labels
 * Do not allow dataset names to be invalid after remaining
 * Several EMF format bug fixes, including not showing hidden lines
   and not connecting points making curves
 * Stop crash when contouring zero-sized datasets

Features of package:
 * X-Y plots (with errorbars)
 * Line and function plots
 * Contour plots
 * Images (with colour mappings and colorbars)
 * Stepped plots (for histograms)
 * Bar graphs
 * Vector field plots
 * Box plots
 * Polar plots
 * Plotting dates
 * Fitting functions to data
 * Stacked plots and arrays of plots
 * Plot keys
 * Plot labels
 * Shapes and arrows on plots
 * LaTeX-like formatting for text
 * Scripting interface
 * Dataset creation/manipulation
 * Embed Veusz within other programs
 * Text, CSV, FITS and user-plugin importing
 * Data can be captured from external sources
 * User defined functions, constants and can import external Python 
 * Plugin interface to allow user to write or load code to
    - import data using new formats
    - make new datasets, optionally linked to existing datasets
    - arbitrarily manipulate the document
 * Data picker

Requirements for source install:
 Python (2.4 or greater required)
 Qt >= 4.3 (free edition)
 PyQt >= 4.3 (SIP is required to be installed first)
 numpy >= 1.0

 Microsoft Core Fonts (recommended for nice output)
 PyFITS >= 1.1 (optional for FITS import)
 pyemf >= 2.0.0 (optional for EMF export)
 PyMinuit >= 1.1.2 (optional improved fitting)
 For EMF and better SVG export, PyQt >= 4.6 or better is
   required, to fix a bug in the C++ wrapping

For documentation on using Veusz, see the "Documents" directory. The
manual is in PDF, HTML and text format (generated from docbook). The
examples are also useful documentation. Please also see and contribute
to the Veusz wiki: http://barmag.net/veusz-wiki/

Issues with the current version:

 * Some recent versions of PyQt/SIP will causes crashes when exporting
   SVG files. Update to 4.7.4 (if released) or a recent snapshot to
   solve this problem.

If you enjoy using Veusz, we would love to hear from you. Please join
the mailing lists at


to discuss new features or if you'd like to contribute code. The
latest code can always be found in the Git repository
at https://github.com/jeremysanders/veusz.git.

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