mimisa...@gmail.com wrote:

> Hi Jeremy,
> I used the workaround you suggested and it works fine.
> Another little question: in the header of my data file I have some rows,
> useful for plotting and manipulating data, stored in the form:
> SampleFrequency = xxxyyyHy
> I'd like to use them in order to crate Vuesz constants. Is there a way
> to create constants programmatically in an importPlugin?

I've added some code which mostly works for returning constants from an 
import plugin as extra dataset-like objects. It's in the development 


At the moment you could write a tools plugin which does the import and then 
calls AddCustom to add your variables.

There is an issue with that API I notice, however. Adding multiple 
definitions with the same name leaves the originals intact, though the later 
ones override the earlier ones. I ought to fix that...


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