I have a problem adjusting the length of a vertical line in Veusz, for which I need a relative positioning towards x axis. That line works as a position indicator on the plot, and should go from the x axis y-position up to the end of the y-axis (se attachment). So I create a line with a 270 angle and relative positioning towards x, y axis. The problem is that the length of that line is always calculated as a fractional length of the graph width. In order to obtain a vertical line going from origin y up to maximum y value, I would have to get height and width of the graph, Ly, Lx and set the length of the line to L=Ly/Lx. Lx and Ly are calculated subtracting to the plot width and height the left+right and up+bottom margins, which, in case they are expressed in different units, may require a bit of parsing and conversion I think.

It seems unnecessarily difficult... isn't there a more direct way which I'm missing?

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