I may be overlooking something obvious here -- apologies if so.

In Veusz, you can put axes in arbitrary positions using the 'Axis position' 
parameter. The value specified here is relative to the extent of the ploting 
area -- e.g. for a horizontal axis, 0 places it at the bottom of the graph and 
1 at the top.

Occasionally it is desirable to have an axis intersect the other axis at a 
particular value -- most commonly having the x-axis cross the y-axis at y=0 
(and vice versa). 

I can't spot how to make this happen in Veusz, other than manually calculating 
the appropriate 'Axis position' value from the other axis's min and max bounds. 
This is fine for a one-off, hand-tweaked plot, but not if you're using 
auto-ranging on the other axis.

Have I missed something here? If not, it would be helpful to have the option to 
specify the 'Axis position' parameter as a value on an orthogonal axis. 


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