Hi Simon

On 09/10/13 17:54, Simon Kleinknecht wrote:

 1. Graph coloring: It would be nice to have a scroll-down box with all
    the colors in the main section of the "Formatting - Veusz" window of
    a graph which applies the selected color to all graph properties
    (plot line, marker border & fill).

Something like this could be useful. I'll have to think how to implement this.

 2. Often I have a lot of pages in one Veusz file to keep track of
    experimental setup modifications. As there is no place to write down
    notes/comments for a page (could be also a nice-to-have feature) I
    have to give the pages meaningful names.

I could add a notes filed to pages / graphs - would this be useful?

Unfortunately, when I want
    to edit the filed, Veusz never behaves like any ordinary OS (marking
    the current name for editing) but gives me an empty field and I have
    to retype the entire name. Don't know if this is hard to change, if
    not I would be grateful.

This has annoyed me, too. I thought it was general Qt behaviour. Fortunately, I've found why the name gets blanked and have fixed this for the next release. It also allows values to be edited in the dataset editor and browser.

Thanks for your comments and suggestions.


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