I would like to import a csv file, and do some processing (such as
filtering), then display a fft and spectrogram (fft on one axis and time on
the other axis). The spectrogram is a colour map with the colour indicating
the strength of the frequency component over time.

Unfortunately, I don't know python, but would like to take the opportunity
to learn it and graph using veusz. I was doing some researching for IDE's
and debuggers. I do have Visual Studio for C# coding so I could use the
PTVS plug in, unless there is an easier/or better path such as PyScripter?

Of course, there will be more challenges such as figuring out how to do the
FFT, filtering, etc. I have done these in matlab before, but would like to
create a standalone utility for others to use.

Sorry for such a newbie question,

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