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For instance, when I plot a series of data points with lines, say
xy1, xy2, ..., on page1/graph1, I always want to color the lines in
order to distinguish them.  If I have a lot of plots, it takes a fair
amount of time to color each plot individually.  I would want to
automatize this process... I guess this is what Tools -> Colors ->
Randomize.../Sequence... is about.  However, when I go to the Colors:
Sequence dialog box and choose in the "Start from widget" option:
/page1/graph1/xy1 it will invariably, only change the color of the
first plot (xy1), instead of coloring the sequence xy1, xy2, ...,
with different colors, as I wanted.

Thanks for the question. "Start from" is a bit misnamed. It's really the parent widget of the plotter widgets you want to be coloured. You want to choose /page1/graph1 here. Veusz iterates over each of the children of that parent, recolouring them. That's why it only changes one if you choose /page1/graph1/xy1.

Hope this helps!


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