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You can define functions in the Edit->Custom Definitions dialog box. Click Add. Change Type to function. Change name to, e.g. func1(x) and change definition to e.g. 2*x+1. You can define func2(x) like this. sumFunc(x) should be defined func1(x)+func2(x)

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On 09/12/14 05:28, Kazuyoshi Furutaka wrote:

How can I define a function by adding some
already-defined (user-defined) functions?
   func1: 2*x+1
   func2: x*x

   sumFunc: func1 + func2
     (instead of defining (2*x+1)+(x*x) again)

Thanks in advance.

Kazuyoshi Furutaka
furutaka _dot_ kazuyoshi _at_ jaea _dot_ go _dot_ jp

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