On 11/04/16 14:16, Michael Clerx wrote:
I'm not quite sure! Fedora calls it 1.23-2, but I can't see if that's
directly related to 1.23.2

Is there some way I can tell from the code? (The splash screen etc. only
state 1.23)

You're running 1.23, not 1.23.2. In Fedora/RedHat/SUSE the -suffix indicates the package revision of the package, not the version of the software.

Fedora don't encourage packagers to push recent versions of packages for existing releases (see their guidelines), so as packager I only push the latest version to the development version.

If you file a bug I can push a newer version, but I'm away for the next week or so.

Alternatively, you can use the binary version from the website.



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