Dear Jeremy,

sometimes it is useful to plot different datasets of the same type on
top of each other with a given gap or offset between each single plot
(e.g. a series of powder diffraction patterns). To the best of my
knowledge this can be achieved in Veusz right now with three approaches:
(1) arrange graphs in a grid which doesn't look nice.
(2) several y-axes for each plot with different positions for each axis.
(3) multiply each dataset by a constant and plot all in the same

Option three gives exactly what I want, but it is a bit tedious to
adjust the offsets manually for each plot.

So, it would be a nice feature to have a "multiple plots widget" which
can take any number of datasets and plot them with an adjustable offset
on the vertical (and/or horizontal) axis.

Any thoughts on this? Maybe I have overlooked a more simple solution
already existing?

Thank you very much, especially for this great plotting program!!

All the best,

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