Hello all,
I am very new to Veusz, but I have been enjoying its user-friendly features
very much. I do have a problem with bar graphs that I have been trying to
find an answer for without much luck. I need to plot a very simple bar
chart with a few text items on one axis, for example, Adam, John and Mark
on the x axis, and 2 or more data sets on the y axis associated with each
item, for example each person's weight and height. I define my x axis as
"labels" and then assign the data set to the bar plot under "positions",
but I am unable to get the graph to show properly. The labels on the x axis
appear with unequal spacing between the items, for instance 2 labels very
close to each other while the 3rd one on the far end of the axis. What I
really need to do is a simple bar chart similar to what Excel can draw in
one easy selection, with a few text items that would be placed
symmetrically on the x axis with reasonable spacing from either end of the
axis and equal spacing between the bars. It seems as if my bar plot widget
treats my text labels numerically and show them in a strange fashion.

Could anyone please help me with this? I feel like I am missing something
very basic here.

Thanks very much.

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