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On 28/09/16 09:40, Warrick Ball wrote:

I'm finding that the PNG exported this way is much lower resolution (100
DPI, I think) whereas I've tried to set the default to 300.  i.e.  If I
open a new Veusz window and hit File/Export, the DPI in the dialog box
is already set to 300 DPI.

Can I demand 300 DPI from the command line?

It would be a good idea to fix this to use the default or last-used settings, or add options to the command line. It would be handy to have a bug to keep track of this.

I think a workaround is to add some text to the vsz file such as

Export('test.png', dpi=300)
import sys

And do

veusz --unsafe-mode input.vsz


cp input.vsz temp.vsz
cat >> temp.vsz <<EOF
Export('test.png', dpi=300)
import sys
veusz --unsafe-mode temp.vsz

Hope this helps


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