Dear Jeremy and Veusz users,

My question is related to the annotating of plots. I am doing a lot of
spectroscopy stuff (electron spectroscopy, XPS if someone else also uses
Veusz for it) where I need to label a lot of peaks on the graph. Normally I
add an axes' related label or line. I have a special set of labels for the
peaks with predefined positions. The problem comes when  the peaks are out
of range which is currently selected. Label and line still appear on the
plot if they are within a white paper area i.e. overlapping with axes,
titles, legend and so on...

Do you think it is a good option to consider to hide axes related shapes
(labels, lines etc) which are not in the selected axes range? In my
understanding if one uses an axes related positioning, then there is no
need for a labels or forms outside of the selected plotting range?

Looking forward to your feedback!

Best regards,
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