Here is the Simple Crawdad

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From: Anthony Spezio <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Subject: Simple Crawdad
Date: Sunday, July 6, 2008, 8:10 PM

Hook:  3X streamer
Thread: Brown
Weight : as desired, Dumbbell Eyes
Eyes: Bead Chain, strung Plastic or lead
Head and body Copper Tinsel Chenille (Chili
Legs: Brown Saddle hackle
Tail: Pheasant feather.
Apply head cement to three pheasant back feathers and
shape two as claws and one as a tail.
Tie in eyes over the hook bend just far enough back to
wrap a head. Tie in Chenille and make two wraps around
the eyes, this is the head, wrap back about two turns,
trap the chenille at this point.
Tie in the claws on each side. Wrap the chenille back
about two turns to cover the claw tie in wraps. Tie in
the saddle hackle for the legs. Wrap the hackle and
tie it off with a couple of half hitches. Wrap the
thread to the hook eye and tie in the tail, make a
couple of half hitches. Wrap
 the chenille back to form
the body and tie off.

A photo can be found on Rene's web site and the Yahoo photo page


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