Well, I qualify age wise now, but based on my production, all my farts are


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Jimmy: Yeah AARP does. This past April, when I turned 50 ,I started getting
mail wanting me to join the AARP almost every day. Talk about depressing
LOL.. I'd like to get in it if I can then.. Thanks, Chuck

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I didn't mean to discriminate against those of you under 65.  It just
sounded like a good age to use.  Also, it doesn't appear that we have many
65 or older members since only three of us have signed up. Could be a small
swap at this rate.   So . . . . . 

Maybe you can be an old fart and be 60, 55 or even 50.  Doesn't AARP count
age 50 as a Senior?   With that said, I'm dropping the age limit to 50.  One
of you said, and I quote: "Would that 65 or older have to be my legal age?
My wife tells me that I act like an old bitter fart all the time."  

So if you're 50 or older and and want to join and don't mind being called an
OF, welcome aboard.  To join, just reply to this email and add your name
after the last name below.

Jimmy Moore
Joe Fusco
Everett Hall

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