Because I am the "mascot" of the old fart fly swap and I am trying to tie a fly 
smaller than I have ever done before (size 32 royal wulff), I thought I would 
give an update to the status of my tying. Thanks to Tony, I was able to find 
hackle small enough to fit a size 32 hook. (Tony, by the way, the hackle works 
great. thanks) I sat down and tied 5 of the 25 needed. That was all my eyes 
could handle in one sitting. I even had to pull out the magnifying lens on my 
tying light to see what I was doing. I was even tempted to try the 2.5x power 
reading glasses that I found on the river when I was on vacation. (Being 27, 
I've never had to use them for anything yet). It is a good thing that we have 
until February to finish the swap. I will need the whole time to get these done.

 John Bennett
Engineer Tech

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