I've never seen it, I'll have to look into it and tie a few up just to try it.

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Now to get off of the subject of me and onto flyfishing.  I was given a Fly 
Fisherman Magazine and it talked about this new (to me anyway) catch and 
release system.  Essentially the fly or flies have no hook but are attached up 
the leader.  When a fish takes the fly the fisherman  sets the hook, and is 
snagged in the side of the mouth by small, barbless, specially designed catch 
and release hook.  According to the article the system was tested for years on 
thousands of fish caught, and mortality rates were far greater since the fish 
seldom is hooked in sensitive areas, and the release is very quick.

Have any of you seen or fished with this system?  Or tied flies for it?

Tom Davenport

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