I also am turning my attention to boat-fishing this year.  I sold my big
cuddy-cabin a couple of years ago, and have been 'destination fishing' for
the last few years.  This summer I intend to concentrate more on local
waters using my 15' Gruman Sport-canoe (wide, flat-bottom, square-stern).
It's very stable by itself, but I also purchased an outrigger kit for it for
additional stability while standing-flycasting.  I will build a removable
redwood casting platform for the front section to also give the front person
more foot-room and line control (for use with the outriggers).  That way we
can fish rivers or lakes.  Being that it's a square-stern, I can get a small
outboard for it, or paddle it for close-in for quiet approaches, or on
rivers. And since it a lightweight canoe, I can slide it in next to the ATV
in the toy-hauler trailer and take it camping with us without the need for a

Wind is quite the consideration here in Wyoming, and we're not talking
breezes. A 30-knot wind with 50-knot gusts (or worse) can come out of
nowhere on a blue-sky day, white-capping the waves.  The motor is a
necessity when this occurs, and a safety issue.  An electric trolling motor
may be the way to go, since that will power other items, but I have seen gas
engines with alternator additions.  I've seen lots of accessories, like
canoe-seats, that will make it more comfortable for long outings.

To me, it's like getting back to simple basics, as I've had the canoe for
almost 30 years, and have had it out on almost every body of water in my
extended area.  The big difference is that Cheryl has taken up the long rod
and will be my fishing partner, giving me flexibility to go drown flies
whenever.  She feels more confident with the outriggers.


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> That is exactly what I plan to do.  Most of the fishing I do in my
> kick boat is near the shore, and the bass boat seems like the perfect
> "upgrade" since I can still cast and fish like I am use to, but can
> cover a lot more water.  And I figure I can haul my kick boat out on
> the bass boat if I want to do a little slow trolling and get some
> exercise.  Just park the boat somewhere and start kicking.  Also, I'm
> looking forward to a little more "society" when fishing, I go out with
> my buddies a lot in the kick boat, but invariably we find ourselves
> separated.  I like having someone around when fishing, so I can either
> show them up, or be shown up by them.  Either way it makes it more fun.
> Tom
> On Feb 4, 2009, at 10:23 PM, Jimmy D. Moore wrote:
> >
> > GREAT ! Welcome to the Bass Boat Owner fraternnity.  And yes, you can
> > fly fish from the deck of your bass boat.  I DO!  Just ask Alan Di
> > Somma
> >
> >
> > Tom Davenport wrote:
> >
> >> Some of you may know I spent about six weeks in the hospital
> >> recovering from my "overnight" surgery.   I lost 44 pounds, and up
> >> until a few days ago felt incredibly weak, and have only been out of
> >> the hospital 9 days.   Well, I went out today and bought a 18 foot
> >> Ranger bass boat, used, with the essential extras, front mounting
> >> trolling motor, fish finders, 150 horsepower outboard.  I'm new to
> >> boats, so it is a little intimidating but I have several neighbors
> >> who
> >> are avid boaters and will get me started when boating season begins.
> >> For the last 10 years I have been fishing from a kick boat.
> >>
> >> How is that for a recovery?
> >>
> >> Tom Davenport
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >
> >
> >
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