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Subject: [VFB] Hodge Podge Panfish Swap
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2009 21:27:12 -0600

Folks: I swore off swaps till after this year's fishing season. BUT.. I have an 
idea I'm gonna throw out here, for a swap that popped into my head and see if 
there is even any interest. I have never heard of this type swap, but maybe 
there have been some before..  Here goes:
It will be for a minimum of 10 ppl. Max of 15 tiers. It will be called the 
"Hodge Podge Panfish Swap"..
Here's the deal. Some of us have been talking about getting bored by tying the 
same flies over and over. soooo.  Say we have 12 ppl. You'll tie 11 DIFFERENT 
Panfish flies, and send Me  those 11 DIFFERENT flies. Or, you could even send 
in 11 Panfish flies you have already tied up, don't matter to me, the idea is 
to swap ideas (and flies) with each other.  I get ALL the flies in, and I throw 
them all into a hat. Then, I pick a baggy for tier #1. I pull him (or her) out 
11 flies. And I send those 11 (DIFFERENT) flies to tier #1. Same with tier #2, 
and #3 and so on down the line. 
So, let Me know if you'd be interested. If so, if we can get at least 10 tiers, 
they won't be due till, say, May 1st.  Thanks,  Chuck
1. Chuck Alexander
2. John Bennett
3. Rick Zieger
4. Jim Collins
5. Wayne Blake-Hedges
3. Michael Hackwith
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