Have not got mine yet, maybe on Monday.

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I squeezed in as a mascot. I didn't meet the age requirement, but as my
wife always tells me, i act like one. Jimmy was gracious enough for that to
count. I hope everyone enjoys and "can see" my entry.

John bennett

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For all those who have not yet received their Old Fart Swap flies,
you're in for a really great treat.

But there are at least two in that mix that make me wonder if they
are really qualified to have been in the swap.

Tony Spezio's un-named L.B.F. and John Bennett's Royal Wulff are both
so tiny that no qualified Old Fart could see to tie the bloody things!

They both made my measly size 20 Griffiths Gnat look like a giant!

And the fly names are exceptional too.  CRS Special was my favorite.

Can't Remember why, though............;-)

Allan Fish
Greenwood, IN

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