Don,good questions.
Here are some real one's:

1. Closed seasons for different fishes
2. Difference between a small walleye (Zander) and a large perch
3. Please assemble a rod for fishing for Eel
4. Closed season for the kingfisher (Answer: All the year!)
5. Diameter of a line used for fishing for carp


Germans are crazy. We even need a license to breed canaries, or to keep
larger dogs.
But no license and tests to rise and educate children.


DonO schrieb:
> Rene,
> Just tie up some earthworm patterns and maggot patterns, and you'll be right
> in line (pun intended).
> Fishing exam!!!!  Uhhh..
> Let US design the final exam for you, Rene!  We have PHd's in here...
> Final exam Question 1:  Does the bait go above or below the bobber?
> Question 2:  Do you stick the hook into the worm sideways or run it through
> end-to-end?
> Question 3:  Do you tie your line onto the skinny end of the cane pole or
> the fat end?
> Question 4:  Should you spit tobacco on your baits?  What brand is best?
> Question 5:  What is the maximum legal nap time allowed while waiting for a
> bite?
> Question 6:  When napping, should you wrap the line around your big toe to
> signal a bite?
> Any more questions for Rene to submit to his local Game & Fish for the final
> exam???
> In this school of yours, Rene, is there a debait club?
> You know, if you get a Masters Degree in baiting...
> Dr. D
> I heard JimmyD brings a pound of worms while fishing in derbies- stuffs them
> into the largest bass before weigh-in.  Tells the judges the bass musta ate
> them before biting.

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