Ian, I do not think of this as a left hand reel. I am right handed and cast
with my right arm/hand. I then pass the rod to my left arm and reel with my
right hand. This is/was the traditional way of learning to fly fish and how
I learned over 50 years ago. Thus, you are right handed you are always using
your dominant hand.
Today's fly fisher has some how been mistakenly (in my opinion) learned to
cast with their right hand and reel with their left. In which case reels
need to be altered for right hand reeling. I still believe that most if not
all manufactures still sell their reels oriented to the old way.
Famed fly caster Lefty Kreh still advocates using your dominant hand as I
was taught.
George Vincent


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Hi Guys

I am selling a left hand ABU DIPLOMAT 178 reel with padded case
(you wind with the right hand)

Silent wind in, and adjustable ratchet drag

3.25 inches diameter

paint rubbed off in the usual spot

Anyone interested email me off list at iainsh...@hotmail.com



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