Did you ever fight a „real“ fish with your left hand as right hander or vice
versa ? – I mean really big fish.


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Very well said, it is good to do it both ways. Like I said, when I started
out most fish were in the 6 to 10 " catagorey, really no need to reel till
you were ready to go home.LOL

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I, like many my age, grew up as a kid starting off with a bait-caster (if
you don't include the cane-pole).  For a right-hander, that meant casting
with the right and reeling with the right. Then push-button spinning reels
came out (Sears).  They could be set up either right or left hand.  I
started with right hand retrieve but ended up swapping to left hand retrieve
to match the next invention.


The next phase was the under-hung open-face spinning reel (Mitchell 300),
right hand on rod, left hand reel.  The manual flipping of the bail and
multitudes of casts made it more simple if the rod wasn't swapped every
cast.  I used to laugh at all the people who were so hard-wired that they
flipped the open-face reel over to the top position and reeled in backwards.
Anyone remember that?




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