Depends what you want it for.

You might want to try a blog software (you can make it just pages if
you want to) as most are free, very simple to use and don't add in the
pop-ups most free web hosts add to support the "free". I run my blog
on and quite enjoy the ease of use. I handle lots of
sites and coded most of them from the ground up, but the wordpress is
a nice break from coding.

They have a bunch of pre-made templates and you just need to add a
graphic. You can have it running in about 20 minutes, and it has a lot
of nice features. Nothing to upload as it's all web-based editing.


On Tue, Apr 7, 2009 at 2:12 PM, Jimmy D. Moore <> wrote:
> I used Tripod on mine.  It's easy or I couldn't have done it.  ;-)
> Neville Gosling wrote:
> Fellow VFBers:
> I am looking for some advise on software to build a website.  In the distant
> past, I used Netscape quite successfully, and in the more recent past, I
> have struggled somewhat with MS Frontpage.  Now I know that the software for
> website building has changed quite a bit and I am looking for some
> recommendations from this list.
> This is fishing related as I would like to build some pages devoted to fly
> fishing.
> Thanks in advance.
> Neville (Nev) Gosling
> Greater Vancouver
> B. C.   Canada
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> Author - Moon Holler Misfits Fishing & Hunting Club,
> Humorist, Past VP Guadalupe River Trout Unlimited,
> Member TOWA, Retired Scout Exec. BSA.
> Website -
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