I have gotten a number of good reports about the Chili Pepper in Alaska. I 
don't know where they fished.
take some along with you, I am sure they will work. They have worked in places 
where nothing else caught fish.

--- On Wed, 4/22/09, Alan Di Somma <> wrote:

From: Alan Di Somma <>
Subject: [VFB] Alaska Trip
Date: Wednesday, April 22, 2009, 10:22 PM


You bet Tony. I have several variations of it 
I plan to take a bunch of Clouser Deep Minnows 
also. I have taken many different varieties of fish with it.
One of my favorites is the Arizona Peacock Lady and 
the variation that Gordon Mankins taught me. The Apache Lady.
I also plan on some dry flies, some CDC flies and a 
bunch of the old traditional Elk Hair Caddis, a Royal Wulff , Some Half Backs 
and some Full Backs, Humpies, Mosquitos, Griffiths Knats, Adams, Renegads, RW 
Nymphs, Prince Nymphs, RS40's.
Thank you,
Alan Di Somma 
Phoenix, Mexico's second largest 
Have you got the recipe for the Chili Pepper. It has worked well all over 
including Alaska.

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